Osuszacze adsorpcyjne gorąco regenerowane R-DRY BVA

R-DRY BVA 400-20000 adsorption dryers are designed for continuous separation of water vapour from compressed air thus lowering the dew point. R-Dry BVA dryers have two columns that operate alternately. Adsorption takes place under pressure in the first column while the second column regenerates (heated ambient air for desorption + ambient air in vacuum mode for cooling). BVA type of dryer is suitable for applications running at mild ambient conditions. Due to regeneration in vacuum mode BVA type of dryers don’t consume any compressed air for the operation. A dryer consists of two columns, filled with desiccant beads, a blower, heater, controller with an LCD display, valves, manometers, and a support construction. A proven and robust design enables efficient and reliable operation, fast installation and simple maintenance.

Osuszacz R-DRY BVA


  • operating presure: 4 to 11 bar
  • operating temp. range: 1,5 to 42,5 °C
  • pressure dew points: -40 °C
  • flow rate: 390 to 20.200 Nm3/h
  • average compressed air consumption: 0%


  • compressed air systems
Osuszacz R-DRY BVA

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