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Compressors in their process of air compression consume energy, which is converted into pressure energy of compressed air. The consequence of the air compression is the generation of heat, which can cause overheating of the system, and thus damage of system components. Classical systems of the screw compressor have a regulated air cooling of the lubricating oil, which means that the excess heat is discharged into the ambient by the fan. In this way the heat is completely lost. This heat can be useful and at no additional cost exploited for heating of domestic hot water or water for central heating system. AirWATT - external heat recovery system is a perfect system for this application. The unit has two separate piping systems water and oil circuit with counter flow media. The heat through the heat exchanger passes from the hot oil of the compressor to the cold water system and the heating is thereby heated. The unit is controlled by means of a thermostatic valve, which prevents oil freezing and thus possible damage to the compressor.

AIRWATT series


  • heat capacity: 10 to 100 kW
  • for compressor capac.: 15 to 132 kW


  • heat recovery in oil lubricated rotary screw compressors
AIRWATT series